Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hi Storm, my name is Jay, I just bought a Balboa’s a bit of a project boat, and I was just seeing if we could start up a little bit of a relationship here?

Just to ask a couple questions, or any tips (quirks) that you have found helpful with this type of boat. Maybe share some pictures of how things should look...that sort of thing.

Be happy to. Not much here yet, but I do have lots of pictures I could post. I pretty much used all my energies last summer rebuilding an 86 Suzuki Samurai into a battery powered vehicle. That job is pretty well done.

I have sailed a bunch of boats, but on balance I wouldn't trade any of them even for the Balboa. Bigger boats require more cost and maintenance. Smaller ones don't accommodate cruising as well.
My boat has the molded interior with the useless sink along the stbd side. The other version has a plywood interior with the sink in the middle. Which do you have?

The major change I made was to put "windows" in the forward part of the cabin. It made it less claustrophobic below and allowed vision forward. I also tried the starboard bunk and decided it was not useful for an adult sleeping space. It is now storage.

Let me know what I can help you with.

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