Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I got a question about how the mainsheet was set up on the Balboa.

As I recall, there is a block with a becket and a cam
cleat near the stern on the stbd side, a block
similarly located to port, and a double block attached
to a tang at the end of the boom. Tie end of line to
becket, go through boom block to port block, back
through boom block through stbd block thence through
cam cleat.

I wasn't too happy with the sheet leading from stbd on
either tack, but if you are going to retain the
roller reefing capability, that is what you end up

A couple goosewing jibes convinced me that I needed a
boom vang. There are some ways to have roller reefing
and a boom vang, but none of them are good.

To eliminate roller reefing, I set up the sail for
jiffy reefing and added sail slugs. To rig the mainsheet, I have 2 single
blocks at the end of the boom and a block with a cam
cleat attached to the bottom of the boom about 4 feet
forward. My main sheet starts at the boom thru port
block, back through one block on the boom, thru stbd
block to other block on boom to block and cam cleat
foreward. I'd be happy to give you more info if you
decide to go this route.

I will take a picture when my camera gets fixed.

I got a Sailrite kit to put reef points in my
mainsail. FWIW, I found sail shape with the roller
reefing to be completely satisfactory. I also stored
the sail rolled around the boom. A 2 inch diameter
disk of sheet metal with a half inch slot cut to the
center of it made this operation easy. It held the
boom so I could just roll it.

Hope this helps.

Post a comment please. I'd like to know if anybody reads this.

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